Kinde Malott

Kinde Malott


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Kinde Malott is co-owner of CrossFit Whip with her husband, Casey.

Why do you own a CrossFit Gym?

CrossFit Whip because #whipfam ! People needed a place to go where they felt comfortable, were coached and pushed in a safe way and where they could meet friends who also were working on bettering their lives. It was our pipe dream to create the “fit fam” that we didn’t have.. We wanted to provide lifestyle, relationships and nutrition in a bomb atmosphere with no BS. 

As it grows and continues to develop, it is our vision that CrossFit Whip is the future of healthcare. A place where people come for coaching, rehab and community to live longer, happier healthier lives. A place where coaches can create a career living their passion of helping people become stronger and healthier with a better quality of life. 

Why do you coach?

I have a huge passion for helping people see their true potential. Not the fake story that they tell themselves but the real version of them. People think they “aren’t athletic” or they “aren’t good enough” and I’ve always been slightly obsessed with pushing people past what they believe is possible so they can see what they are actually capable of. I love being there to watch them breakthrough those old stories, beliefs and limitations.


Why do you love CrossFit? 

I love CrossFit because of the community support, the competitive aspect and the ability to scale movements and then set goals to Rx workouts. Life felt lonely working out at home by myself or I felt weird at other gyms where no one talked to each other. A CrossFit gym felt like family right away and people notice when you’re not there. I grew up an athlete and the competitive aspect of a CrossFit gym sucked me right in because I could race the clock and really push myself. That brought back a part of myself that I really identified with, had really missed and genuinely felt lost without. Having performance goals repaired my relationship with my body. I wasn’t really proud of anything I did in the gym until I started working my ass off at my CrossFit gym. Suddenly it was more about what I could do than what I looked like and I actually loved my body for the first time. I’ll never forget my first pull up without a band, my first muscle-up, my first handstand push up, etc. It just teaches the most basic life lesson: Hard work pays off. 

How long have you been doing CrossFit? 

Since January of 2012.


Favorite Local Restaurant?
Harvey's Grill and Bar - Bacon Balsamic and Bleu Burger
Favorite CrossFit Movement?
Creamy or Crunchy?

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