Molly McGrandy

Molly McGrandy


  • CrossFit Level 1
  • *coming soon* IASTM Practioner
  • *coming soon* FMT Basic


  • Saginaw Valley State University BS in Biology


Why do you like to  coach?

I like to coach because I love being able to watch and guide our athletes become better versions of themselves. Not only does CrossFit help people to be healthier and stronger, but it boosts their confidence. There’s nothing better than seeing the look on someone’s face after they crush a workout or finally achieve a new skill, when they didn’t think they could. But as their coach, you knew they could do it all along.

Why CrossFit?

CrossFit is an all-in-one kind of sport. It combines strength, endurance, gymnastics, and most importantly a strong mind. It challenges me everyday and even though it kicks my butt more times than not, it leaves me wanting more. There’s always something you can improve on.

How long have you done CrossFit?

Just over a year and a half!

Why CrossFit Whip?

CrossFit Whip felt like home as soon as I stepped in the door. The people inside quickly became friends and then even quicker those friends became family. CrossFit in general attracts like-minded, hardworking people… but Casey and Kinde have attracted the best of those people; those people are CrossFit Whip; We are CrossFit Whip.

You compete in CrossFit Competitions. What titles do you hold?

1st place at Fittest of the Fall in October of 2018 (partner comp)
3rd place at Chicks and Dicks in January of 2019 (partner comp)
1st place at Babes and Barbells in May of 2019 (partner comp)
1st place at The Ice Bowl in February of 2020 (individual comp)


Favorite Local Restaurant?
Chipotle - Burrito Bowl - brown rice, black beans, steak, fajita peppers, sour cream and lettuce.
Favorite CrossFit Movement?
Hard to choose just one! Thrusters, hang power cleans, dumbbell snatches and chest to bar pull ups!
Creamy or Crunchy?

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