Ron Morse

Ron Morse


  • Crossfit L-1


  • Northwood University BBA in Marketing


CrossFit has changed my life in many positive ways


Why do you coach?

I want to share that and help other people get similar results. I want people feel like they had fun, made a new friend and got their butt kicked all in less than 1 hour.


Why do I love CrossFit?

When I hit 50 I had a tough year. I was getting health issues, mostly related to poor eating and lack of exercise. Growing up I was into sports and was always very thin and able to eat whatever and whenever I wanted with no change in my physical appearance. Years passed by, working and just life in general. Along with aging I found I was struggling to keep my weight down. I knew that I had to do something and that something meant burning calories and cleaning up my diet. I joined a CrossFit gym with a 30 day membership and just continued on.


How Long have I been doing CrossFit?

About 10 years


Why CrossFit Whip?

I think CrossFit Whip is the perfect match to my Gym style.  A focus on Health, Nutrition, Friendship and a good variety of classes.


Favorite local restaurant? Menu item?
Coty's Landing - Turkey Avocado Wrap
Favorite CrossFit Movement?
Kip Pull Ups
Creamy or Crunchy?

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